Who will have access to my menu once it is online?

Through the consumer-facing Menu Mod app, the general public will be able to see pictures and brief descriptions of all your menu items. Specific menu details, such as full ingredient lists, will only be accessable through the Menu Mod Employee app, to someone you have provided with your employee login and password. You can change your employee password at any time, which will automatically log out any devices previously logged in with the old password.

Will it be possible for someone to recreate my signature dishes with the information from Menu Mod?

Not at all. Similar to a FDA Nutrition Facts Label, Menu Mod only deals with the ingredients contained in a dish, omitting portion size, cooking technique, and other information that would be necessary to recreate a dish.

Which allergies, restrictions and diets does Menu Mod track?

You decide. While Menu Mod comes with a base set of restrictions for you to start from, your restaurant can choose to add to, or remove from, that list at any time. A vegan restaurant can remove all meat options. If you notice your guests start requesting no apples frequently, you can add apples to your restrictions. If a new diet plan starts trending, you can easily add that as well.

How often can I update the menu?

Your menu can be updated at any time online with no limits, and changes you make are immediately available on the app. For restaurants with continually evolving menus, Menu Mod is an ideal way for keeping all employees on the same page. The online interface makes it simple to add new items, temporarily take items offline, adjust changing ingredients, add specials and more.

Which devices are recommended/available for Menu Mod?

The Menu Mod Employee app is available on all iOS devices and Android phones. The consumer-facing Menu Mod app is available on all iOS devices. If you wish to provide guests with a device for use in you restaurant, or for server/cook reference in the kitchen, we recommend iPads. We are currently in development of the consumer-facing app for Android, which will be available soon.